Embed all Pornworms Videos to your site at once!

  1. There are no restriction to the number of videos you can place on your site.
  2. You can earn money by sending traffic to our site by adding our feed. For this please contact us at admin@pornworms.com
  3. We have both CSV file for Embed and Feeds.
  4. Feeds are updated time to time.
  5. We have updated RSS feed.
  6. We have daily updated deleted feed.
  7. There are morethan 200 videos are updated every day.

Here is shortcut for our feeds

Embed - http://www.pornworms.com/dump/embed_data.csv

Feed - http://www.pornworms.com/dump/feed_data.csv

Deleted Feed - http://www.pornworms.com/dump/deleted.txt

Update - http://www.pornworms.com/rss/